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make believe

A window is but a state of mind.

Tollare, Nacka (map) 21 August 2010


global commuting

Our subway network is confined to the central part of Stockholm County. Still, one never knows when a world map might come in handy.

Tunnelbana Rissne, Sundbyberg (map) 6 July 2010


accordion mobility

Don't forget to keep an eye on your waistline. Others do. Even if you're a bus.

Slussen (map) 21 August 2010


the Low Down on Mörby

The well-known low-angle interior view of a C20 subway train. The car has 126 seats and is 46 meters long.

Tunnelbana Mörby centrum, Danderyd (map) 11 July 2010


inside scoop

Now what's going on out there? A gentleman is holding a piece of paper. And why this crowd?

Tollare, Nacka (map) 21 August 2010


botanically yours

Not surprisingly, science is one theme in the artworks of Universitetet subway station. Artist Françoise Schein has created a tribute to Swedish botanist Carl von Linné.

Tunnelbana Universitetet (map) 11 July 2010


rissne lined up

Want to go looking for lines and perspectives? Your nearest modern one-platform subway station will have plenty to offer.

Tunnelbana Rissne, Sundbyberg (map) 6 July 2010


the other side of Mörby

Mörby is a sleepy suburb where most residents will find themselves commuting elsewhere on a daily basis to their respective jobs or schools. This was shot in the midst of a quiet Saturday night and we're looking at the other side of the sign above the station entrance.

Mörby centrum, Danderyd (map) 11 July 2010


the jury is in

From an elevated position, a team of birds envisioned by artist Helga Henschen monitors what takes place on the station platform.

Tunnelbana Tensta (map) 6 July 2010


moving in different circles

What's in a circle? What shapes can be created using circles? Artist Pierre Olofsson explores a world of circles in a walking tunnel by Danderyd University Hospital. Here's a detail of the artwork Livets träd ("Tree of Life"). How many circles can you discern?

Danderyds sjukhus, Danderyd (map) 10 July 2010


said one fossil to the other

Naturhistoriska riksmuseet in a secretive mood. Imagine wandering along those dark corridors at night.

Frescativägen (map) 11 July 2010


Silver Arrow

There's not much resemblance between a modern C20 subway train and the classic Silver Arrow of days gone by. Still, b/w photography leaves some room for the imagination.

Tunnelbana Rissne, Sundbyberg (map) 6 July 2010


warp art speed

A taxi zooming by the sculpture Livskraft by Carl-Gustaf Ekberg.

Edsviksvägen, Danderyd (map) 11 July 2010


sleepless Science Tower (3)

Not the fanciest of shots. Somehow, I like the appearance of the Science Tower in Kista.

Färögatan, Kista (map) 7 June 2010


rock-a-bye Duvbo

Except for the occasional camera-carrying insomniac, 'twas a quiet summer night in Duvbo.

Bergaliden, Sundbyberg (map) 7 June 2010


we're history

Check out the maps, read the writing and enjoy the absence of commercial ads in Rissne subway station. World history is depicted alongside the platform. Opened in 1985 this station, decorated by artists Madeleine Dranger and Rolf H Reimers, used to be a gem. Now there's black soot on the cave walls, as you can tell.

Tunnelbana Rissne, Sundbyberg (map) 6 July 2010


the south pole

A summer night by the swimming complex in Sundbyberg. Notice the flag pole.

Bergaliden, Sundbyberg (map) 7 June 2010  


circulating effortlessly

The usual heavy Monday morning traffic hasn't quite hit Kista yet at this early hour. A roundabout becomes an empty stage.

Kista centrum (map) 7 June 2010


Vandals R Us

In Danderyd and elsewhere.

Danderyds sjukhus, Danderyd (map) 10 July 2010


sunny Tensta

A subway platform could use a sunrise, courtesy of Helga Henschen. Apologies for the soot on the cave walls in Tensta.

Tunnelbana Tensta (map) 6 July 2010

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