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bro kapell (2)

Art on the wall in Bro Chapel. A fell (Swedish "fjäll") is sort of a mountainous tundra, so high that trees won't be able to live and prosper above what's called the tree line. Artist Kerstin Johansson has created this weave with inspiration from autumns in northern Sweden.

Prästvägen, Bro, Upplands-Bro (map) 10 May 2010


Meg said...

Very vibrant tapestry, Per. You didn't happen to get a close up or a straight-from-the-front view, did you?? Is it a large piece??

stromsjo said...

Not that large. And no up-front view, I'm afraid. It only occurred to me after wards that someone might be interested... :)

Thanks, Meg.

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