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thorildsplan by pixels

Artist Lars Arrhenius has decorated subway station Thorildsplan

Tunnelbana Thorildsplan (map) 29 May 2010


sollentuna kyrka (3)

Another remake from Sollentuna Church. Here's a previous attempt from the same angle. 

Sollentuna kyrka, Sollentuna (map) 16 May 2010


sigtuna stads hotell

A small hotel in a small town

Sneda gränd, Sigtuna (map) 15 May 2010


situational prevention

A metal fence in front of a stone wall, fifteen centimeters apart

Tunavägen, Bro, Upplands-Bro (map) 10 May 2010 


hammarby kyrka (6)

Hammarby Church unfolding from yet another angle

Hammarby kyrka, Upplands Väsby (map) 12 April 2010 


åkersberga centrum

When the shopping mall in Åkersberga is closed, one can always marvel at their logotype.

Åkersberga centrum, Österåker (map) 24 May 2010


vallentuna kyrka (9)

A tombstone with a candlelight inside. Vallentuna Church again.

Vallentuna kyrka, Vallentuna (map) 22 May 2010


la culture, c'est moi

Another provocative sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd.

Kungsängen, Upplands-Bro (map) 10 May 2010



One of three spaceships above Bro Station. The sculpture Vart vill du resa? ("Where do you want to travel?") was created by Annika Oskarsson in 2001. The photos on her web page are a lot better.

Bro station, Upplands-Bro (map) 10 May 2010


duvbo (3)

A magic moment of silence ends as another train arrives in Duvbo Station. This was the shot I was aiming for but I guess this one turned out to be more interesting. One never knows.

Tunnelbana Duvbo, Sundbyberg (map) 16 April 2010  


sollentuna kyrka (2)

Three o'clock on a Sunday morning, time to revisit Sollentuna Church.

Sollentuna kyrka, Sollentuna (map) 16 May 2010


sproing in Bro

Asphalt or no asphalt - any Dandelion knows that spring means it's time to grow. Sproing! 

Snickarvägen, Bro, Upplands-Bro (map) 10 May 2010


visor på vinter (3)

Ain't no stopping Viskraft ("Ballad Power"). Here's Oskar Jeremias supporting Dick Pålsson.

Tomtebogatan (map) 29 April 2010



Kungsängen is situated 24 kilometers north-west of Stockholm City. Here's the town hall and administrative center of Upplands-Bro Municipality.

Kungsängen, Upplands-Bro (map) 10 May 2010


earth calling bro

A satellite model in Bro Library. Kids from a local school have been interpreting a space theme and we got a sneak preview of the resulting exhibition.

Brohuset, Bro centrum, Upplands-Bro (map) 10 May 2010


råsunda kyrka (6)

A powerful work of art above the souterrain entrance to Råsunda Church. I've not been able to find out who created this so do feel free to update us.

Råsunda kyrka, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


visor på vinter (2)

Time now for some music. Emeli Jeremias mastering the cello.

Tomtebogatan (map) 29 April 2010


ulriksdals slottskapell (2)

Once again, the palace chapel in Ulriksdal will be engulfed in green. Such is the season.

Slottskapellet, Ulriksdals slott, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


greenery of yesteryear

Leave your old worries in a sack. Decisive gardening in Bro.

Stationsvägen, Bro, Upplands-Bro (map) 10 May 2010


råsunda kyrka (5)

Lots of room for music in Råsunda Church.

Råsunda kyrka, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


duvbo (2)

A few geometrical complications from Duvbo.

Tunnelbana Duvbo, Sundbyberg (map) 16 April 2010  


rådhuset (3)

A happy galosh has been dancing on the ceiling at subway station Rådhuset.

Tunnelbana Rådhuset (map) 16 April 2010


hammarby kyrka (5)

Upplands Väsby is situated west of (väster om) Hammarby Church - a Western Village, en Västerby. Hence the name of this municipality - Upplands Väsby.

Hammarby kyrka, Upplands Väsby (map) 12 April 2010 


råsunda kyrka (4)

The altar table in Råsunda Church.

Råsunda kyrka, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


173 meter Missile Cruiser on the turn

USS Vicksburg (CG-69) leaving Stockholm harbor with help from two tugs. This event is documented from Fjällgatan in Stockholm the 3rd of May, 2010 at approximately 0840 hours.

visor på vinter

Look, they've got a band playing here tonight. Let's step inside!

Tomtebogatan (map) 29 April 2010


ulriksdals slott (2)

Looking for something special to put above your doorway? Find novel ideas at Ulriksdal Palace.

Ulriksdals slott, Solna (map) 14 March 2010



Different levels between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea at


photo: Stefan Ågren

By the waterfront, a feathered couple enjoys the warmth of the spring sun.

Baggensfjärden, Nacka (map) 20 March 2010

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