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risk management in Gustavsberg

Snow, icicles, other unidentified falling objects... Watch out! And they're not kidding.

Odelbergs väg, Gustavsberg, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


mälarmodulmöte (2)

The end of the world at The National Museum of Science and Technology. At least according to MälarModulMöte, a collaborative effort among railway modeling enthusiasts. Modules are being interconnected and here's an end module.

Tekniska museet, Museivägen (map) 20 March 2010


Solna Konståkning (2)

Lots of action at the spring show hosted by Solna Figure Skating Club.

Solna ishall, Blomgatan, Solna (map) 20 March 2010



I had no idea that the Swedish word "plockepinn" (Djurgårdsljus) would translate to spillikins. I hope my dictionary is true. This really looks just like that game - only for a giant. No way I will be able to take away one of them without getting the rest over me...

Djurgården (map) 6 March 2010

råsunda kyrka

Not unlike a box made of bricks, here is Råsunda Church from 1968 in Solna. The tall bell tower (out of view, to the left) casts a shadow across the wall.

Råsunda kyrka, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


room with a view in Kallhäll

Not everything is carefully controlled in conventional city planning. Here a local initiative has resulted in a smallish one-room flat with a splendid view of Kallhäll centrum. Somewhat cold though.

Gjutarplan, Järfälla (map) 21 February 2010



As you can see (vaguely) this is one of the entrances (or exits - if you like) to Skansen. It's called Hazeliusporten, and for a few days there were different projections on it as a part of Djurgårdsljus. This particular one is showing cattle. You will have to take my word for it, that there were others :-)

Hazeliusporten, Djurgården (map) 6 March 2010


quack of the town

- Beat it! I saw that breadcrumb first!

A feathered hullabaloo in Gustavsberg. We've seen it before.

Odelbergs väg, Gustavsberg, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


red light district ?

It sure looks very red....ish....You've probably already guessed it. Yes, it's one more installation of Djurgårdsljus. This one is the street, Allmäna gränd, in front of the amusement park Gröna Lund. Half of the street lamps were covered in red, the other half in blue.

Allmäna gränd, Djurgården (map) 6 March 2010

s:t eskils kyrka (5)

Back in St. Eskil's Church with a wide-angle view of its interior.

Runstensvägen, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


Solna Konståkning

Solna Figure Skating Club offered their traditional spring show on ice. This time with a touch of Disney.

Solna ishall, Blomgatan, Solna (map) 20 March 2010



Watch out for trains! A large railway model exhibition triggers the imagination of many visitors at The National Museum of Science and Technology.

Tekniska museet, Museivägen (map) 20 March 2010


sunken ship

Let's pay another visit to Vasa. This is not a part of Djurgårdsljus. This is how it looks every night. Not half bad. Seeing it like this makes you really believe she's sunk.

Vasamuseet, Djurgården (map) 6 March 2010

talking strait (4)

Back by the strait. The fluffy season gets my mind moving. Can I order dessert, please?

Uddnäsvägen, Stäket, Järfälla (map) 21 February 2010



That's the simple name of this part of Djurgårdsljus. It symbolizes the 145 men that went under together with the ship Vasa in 1628. This was one of few installations that was accompanied by sound. The "ghosts" were lit up in intervals, but in the background you could hear the eerie sound of quirking ropes and tree.

Torrdockan, Vasavarvet, Djurgården (map) 6 March 2010

cold tracks (2)

The snow plow is busy elsewhere so eager commuters have been making their own tracks onto the parking lot by the station.

Rotebro station, Sollentuna (map) 21 February 2010


"your guest is as good as mine"

Hospitality is a great thing. But there has got to be limits. Some barbed wire at the guest harbour, just in case.

Gustavsbergs hamn, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


s:t eskils kyrka (4)

Why is a fragment more fascinating than a well-preserved object? Here is the sculpture "Passionsgruppen" by Octavian Pirvan in St. Eskil's Church. The sculptor explains that he has become fascinated by old sculptures made with simple means by people living closer to nature. A missing arm in the sculpture is a possibility, he argues. We can imagine it the way we want to. Moving, perhaps?

Runstensvägen, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


hässelby gård (5)

A moment of reflection. I wonder where this lady will be traveling.

Tunnelbana Hässelby gård (map) 23 January 2010


greenhouse effect at Ulriksdal

The Orangery Museum at Ulriksdal used to be a greenhouse. What better place could there be to sit down and enjoy the March sun?

Orangeriet, Ulriksdals slott, Solna (map) 14 March 2010


rest your feet

This bench has some interesting ornaments. Seems like some have not only put their feet to rest. They left them....

Tunnelbana Östermalmstorg (map) 22 January 2010

talking strait (3)

The sound insulation from trains rushing by is surprisingly effective here at Almarestäket - a fact no doubt appreciated by those living next to the railway bridge.

Uddnäsvägen, Stäket, Järfälla (map) 21 February 2010


Djurgårdsljus (4)

We're below Djurgårdsbron, for the moment in very much extra light. The installation is called "Bifrost", which is the name of the bridge in Nordic Mythology, between the world (Midgard) and the realm of Gods - Asgard. I'm not sure we're getting there crossing this bridge, but nevertheless it looks spectacular for the evening.

Djurgårdsbron (map) 6 March 2010

cold tracks

Still following Father Frost in his tracks.

Rotebrovägen, Sollentuna (map) 21 February 2010


china factory area

Old architecture meets new residential buildings in Gustavsberg Harbour.

Tyra Lundgrens väg, Gustavsberg, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


Djurgårdsljus (3)

Let's have a last glimpse of the "Light on Visit"-installation before I go on to the others, since I enjoyed this one so much. People passing by must have wondered what the luny man was doing, crawling all over the place in -11 degrees.

Galärvarvet (map) 6 March 2010

timeless Stockholm

photo: Stefan Ågren

Take a detour off the tourist track and the Old Town can be a quiet place.

Prästgatan, Gamla stan (map) 27 February 2010


haninge bibliotek (2)

Libraries are nice inventions. Leave your worries (at least all snowy worries) outside and find something captivating to read.

Poseidons torg, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


Djurgårdsljus (2)

Here's a little more from the installation "Light on visit". I like blue, can you tell? These rods did change colour between white, yellow, orange, red, green, lilac and blue the whole time. Sometimes with more than one colour at the time. I really liked this one the most. You'll get another glimpse of it soon, before I go over to the others.

Galärvarvet (map) 6 March 2010


hässelby gård (4)

Another view from Hässelby gård. The residential buildings in the background are lined up along Maltesholm Street.

Maltesholmsvägen, Hässelby gård (map) 23 January 2010


Djurgårdsljus (1)

"Light on visit" is the name of this installation of Djurgårdsljus. This is merely a small part of it. There were several of these lightballs lying around, and a lot of light of different colour on the walls. I could show you a variety of them, but that would just scare you off, which is not my intention. There are more pics to come though, and most likely from this one.

Galärvarvet (map) 6 March 2010

talking strait (2)

Lots of snow by Almarestäket. Just look at that path through the precipitation. In the background is a broader path, the E18 motorway bridge.

Uddnäsvägen, Stäket, Järfälla (map) 21 February 2010


collateral damage

Life ain't easy for a snow plow driver. It's hard to know what's hidden underneath all that snow you're supposed to remove swiftly.

Konsumentvägen, Sollentuna (map) 21 February 2010


hibernation in Gustavsberg (2)

No trespassing. The harbour in Gustavsberg has been equipped with this no-nonsense locked door. On the other hand, there's not much of value here at the moment. Also, the ice will allow anyone to simply walk around the door and onto the jetty. Ah well... Come summer it will all make sense again.

Gustavsbergs hamn, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


Go go go there

For another few days there's a light show to be had at Djurgården. It's called "Djurgårdsljus". Between 26 feb - 7 mar several light installations are available. This is one of them. You may recognize the Nordic Museum, but you haven't seen it like this before. I was out yesterday, and I'm going to present some of the installations for those of you who don't have time or possibility to go for yourself, but I urge those of you who can, to do so (but dress warm). You can look here for more info about the event.

Nordiska Museet (map) 4 March 2010

time for a different vehicle

Enough skiing for today around Lake Rudan. Time to head back to the train (or possibly the car).

Handen station, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010



The Systembolaget store is closed for the weekend. Our Swedish alcohol retail monopoly offers its products and services Monday through Saturday in 411 stores throughout the country.

Hässelby torg (map) 23 January 2010


on the edge in Kallhäll

Folkets Hus ("the People's House") in Kallhäll offers a bit of everyday excitement. While strolling by, look up and decide for yourself when this heap of snow and ice is going to come crashing down.

Gjutarplan, Järfälla (map) 21 February 2010


snowy co-operation

Shopping can be a chilly exercise.

Konsumentvägen, Sollentuna (map) 21 February 2010


nice ice 6

No comments about the face? OK, maybe it's just me who can see it? Let's try a heron instead.

Tändkulevägen, Nacka (map) 31 January 2010

vattenfall (2)

Vattenfall means Waterfall and - much like any company - they'd want to make a lasting impression on their customers. Celebrating the grace of falling water, they've been nurturing a bunch of icicles in Hemmesta. But when this particular water finally gives in to gravity, you'd better not stand underneath. That impression may well be your last one.

Furubacksvägen, Hemmesta, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010

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