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play off in Huddinge

A snowy playground in Huddinge tries to look as cheerful and inviting as possible.

Klockarvägen, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


haninge bibliotek

Haninge Library from 2002 in Handen is an example of a modern, open architecture. Lots of glass. All in all, the municipality has five libraries.

Poseidons torg, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


hässelby gård (3)

Taking the above way back to Hässelby gård from the city is convenient. As long as it's available, that is. There have been quite a few cases of frozen railroad switches and service interruptions recently.

Tunnelbana Hässelby gård (map) 23 January 2010


talking strait

Heavy stuff in the strait Almarestäket. Here's one of two bridges crossing the strait.

Uddnäsvägen, Stäket, Järfälla (map) 21 February 2010


intricate Handen

A colourful cipher to contemplate while waiting for your bus in Handen.

Folkets hus, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


nice ice 5

Let's face it, sometimes nature does have a sense of humor. As promised, this is a closeup from "nice ice 4". Can you see the face?

Tändkulevägen, Nacka strand (map) 31 January 2010

johannelund (2)

The subway train is just as long as the platform. One of life's coincidences.

Tunnelbana Johannelund (map) 23 January 2010


nice ice 4

This is fascinating and somewhat scary at the same time. I'm going to close in on some parts of this icy waterfall. There are more to it than meets the eye to begin with. Stay tuned....

Tändkulevägen, Nacka strand (map) 31 January 2010

hibernation in Gustavsberg

An icy harbour can be an overwhelmingly quiet place. It would be interesting to return here in a few months and experience the hectic life around these waters, day and night.

Gustavsbergs hamn, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


the multi-storey paradigm

Vanda, Finland and Askim, Norway are two sister cities of Huddinge Municipality. I bet the architecture there is somewhat more captivating.

Lilla Sjödalstorget, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


s:t eskils kyrka (3)

At the center of Handen, we're back in St. Eskil's Church. You may recall a close-up of this glass painting by Bosse Falk.

Runstensvägen, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


hässelby gård (2)

Patiently waiting in line... is this a specifically Swedish virtue? Thomas Qvarsebo created the bronze sculpture Resenärer ("Travellers") in Hässelby gård.

Hässelby torg (map) 23 January 2010


me and my Semla

Having visited Värmdö tourist office in Gustavsberg Harbour you might want to hang around Café Tornhuset for a lenten bun, one of life's temptations on offer throughout a season which happens to culminate on this very Tuesday. Pia explains!

Odelbergs väg, Gustavsberg, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


nocturne for Huddinge

Having stopped by to admire Freja, we might as well do some shopping.

Lilla Sjödalstorget, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


comfy boredom

Not the fanciest covered footbridge but it sure beats fighting rain and storm while walking to and from your train.

Handen station, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


give me that remote!

Certain channels are plain boring. This monitor helps the subway train driver see what's going on at the other end of the long (150 meters) platform.

Tunnelbana Hässelby gård (map) 23 January 2010


gustavsbergs kyrka

The tower of Gustavsberg Church from 1906.

Värmdögatan, Gustavsberg, Värmdö (map) 7 February 2010


freja on top

Spending the entire winter standing naked on top of a pillar in front of a high-rise building may not be the most desirable position. But art makes everything possible. Meet "Freja", a goddess of love and fertility as well as a sculpture by Peter Dahl.

Lilla Sjödalstorget, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


s:t eskils kyrka (2)

St. Eskil's Church by Handen centrum is a modern church from 1994.

Runstensvägen, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010



A subway train bound for the city arrives at Johannelund.

Tunnelbana Johannelund (map) 23 January 2010


Domenico Inganni

Once in a while, a sculptor becomes the subject of a sculpture. Mats Åberg created this bronze sculpture "Domenico Inganni" in 1997. See for yourself outside the shopping mall in Huddinge.

Sjödalstorget, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


nice ice 3

This really depicts that ice is just frozen water. With a little imagination you can still see the water pouring down on this lamp. Take away the corrugated sheet metal in the background and this would be astonishing beautiful.

Tumba centrum, Botkyrka (map) 24 January 2010

size matters in Handen

The platform is long and the train is short today. A woman chooses to run on the slippery surface. Speaking of wintry surfaces, there's a lake just behind the trees.

Handen station, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010


hässelby gård

Back to the future in Hässelby gård. The view must be splendid from up there.

Astrakangatan, Hässelby gård (map) 23 January 2010


chilling by E4

Our old friend Mr Walker could catch a cold on a night like this.

Rotebergsvägen, Sollentuna (map) 30 December 2009


come row me o'er

Want to take the rowing boat for a romantic trip on Lötsjön ?

Lötsjön, Sundbyberg (map) 18 December 2009


ah, but the rent is cheaper

Huddinge has a large indoor shopping mall. So what's the big idea here? Selling flowers in the snow droves immediately outside the comfy mall - I just don't get it.

Huddinge centrum, Huddinge (map) 24 January 2010


...and all that snow

Plowing the snow off streets and parking lots is one thing. Finding somewhere to put it isn't terribly difficult in a suburb like Haninge. It's another story in the inner city.

Gamla Nynäsvägen, Haninge (map) 24 January 2010

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