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Coffee break

Shoppers taking a coffee break in the Gallerian shopping mall.

Gallerian (map) 17 December 2009


stromsjo said...

Whatever happened to cosy cafés with comfy sofas?

Then again, I never used to hang around at cosy cafés and if someone dragged me there I used to complain about the smoke so maybe this is some kind of progress after all.

Kiwi said...

The progress being you're still not going for a coffee? :o)

stromsjo said...

Probably just a case of my being a bit too stingy. According to an informed source (text in Swedish), they charge €3 and even more for a cup at these facilities.

Jenny said...

"informed source"? *frust!* :-D

I had to blink once or twice before I could figure out why that place seemed so familliar - somehow... But oh yes. The one where they are too stressed to make really good coffee - according to MY "informed source"...!

Stingy or not - I have to agree with Per here. The comfyness of cafés are long gone - at least if you stick with the nation-wide (and beyond) café-chains. There are still exceptions to the rule though, thank gosh!

Great shot, interesting perspective - and of course, anything relating to coffee is always a great motive! ;-)

svenske floyd said...

The best coffee place I know in Stockholm is the Café de Maré in Dansmuseet at Gustav Adolfs Torg. Of the chains I like Wayne´s the most. They have biscotti - and sofas!

VP said...

This looks more like an Italian bar where people drink their coffee (usually espresso) standing. Coffee, in this case, is 0.80 Euro.
An Italian caffè is like a bar but you sit, get table service, often outside, and you will be charged accordingly. 3.00 Euro for a coffee is quite possible in this case.

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