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patterns of hope

Patterns of red letters by artist Françoise Schein at University Station together make up sentences from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Tunnelbana Universitetet (map) 1 November 2009


VP said...

Nice and simple!

stromsjo said...

Sentences in Swedish of course and not without some oddities. Our letters Å and Ä are uniformly represented as A. Same thing with Ö which (along with O) is turned into the digit 0...

Beginning from the top line, our Swedish readers will be able to discern at least the following words:

MAKARNAS (the spouses)
FAMILJEN (the family)
ENHETEN (the unit)
SKYDD FRÅN (protection from)
MÄN OCH KVINNOR (men and women)
ELLER (or)
BILDA FAMILJ (start a family)
GIFTERMÅL (marriage)

Kiwi said...

It's a beautiful and important piece of art.

stromsjo said...

So it is. She's also celebrating Linné and his voyages and we'll get back to that.

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