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In a Pretzel City, what could be more natural than having a mall called Kringlan ("the Pretzel")?

Storgatan, Södertälje (map) 21 November 2009


Lowell said...

There are a couple of pretzel chains in most of our malls which offer a delightful selection of pretzels. I like the almond-covered ones.

stromsjo said...

Don't think I've tried that model. Sounds yummy.

tapirgal said...

The name is funny, but it looks inviting. The photo has very pleasing colors, comforting heart shapes and plants It's shiny, too. Intriguing. I like it.

stromsjo said...

Inside it's pretty much yet another mall but this view with the flower shop did turn out rather nice. The pretzel is a trademark of Södertälje .

VP said...

Almost no pretzels in Italy, and I am not so taken by them... We have 'taralli', but they are something quite different and never sweet.

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