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Another glimpse of St. George (Sankt Göran) in Storkyrkan.

Storkyrkan, Gamla stan (map) 1 November 2009


VP said...

Göran is George in Swedish?

stromsjo said...

Yep. We also have the name Georg but Göran is a variant.

VP said...

One of the most famous Swedes here was Sven-Göran Eriksson, and I'm not even a footbal fan...
I wonder what the Sven is for?

stromsjo said...

When two persons who don't care much for football are discussing a particular team coach - I suppose that's one measure of celebrity status!

The name Sven really goes way back as long as there is recorded history. In fact...

svensk means
Swedish (as in being from or related to Sweden)

svenska means Swedish (the language)

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