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get your skates ready

Lake Norrviken offers ample fishing and - in winter time - a popular, fifteen kilometers long skating track.

Norrviken, Sollentuna (map) 26 September 2009


VP said...

They worked a week to mount our 30 meter length ice rink and you come out with this: 15 kilometers!

stromsjo said...

Mind you, not every winter is cold enough for such lengthy adventures. I wonder how many would be able to skate fifteen kilometers. I could probably manage 15 meters before doing my Bambi on the Ice impression. In case you've forgotten, check out this clip beginning after 1'34".)

VP said...

Who can forget Bambi on the ice? I simply won't manage to stand on ice!

stromsjo said...

We'd better find ourselves a different winter sport then... Or find a place without any witnesses!

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