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birds of paradise

Today I want to show you Paradisfåglar (Birds of Paradise), woven by textile artist Sten Kauppi. This gigantic work of art has been recently renovated and covers an entire wall in Ansgar Church.

Ansgarskyrkan, Lidingö centrum (map) 29 September 2009


VP said...

If that's Paradise, I'd rather take my chances in Hell...

stromsjo said...

I'm so impressed by the sheer magnitude of this artwork that I haven't really made my mind up on what it looks like. The weave is so large that it's actually being damaged by its own weight when hanging like this.

Meg said...

That's a bit piece. do you have any close ups by any chance??

stromsjo said...

Unfortunately not, Meg. I was entirely concentrated on finding a place in the room where my zoom lens (!) would be able to capture the entire thingie.

I'll keep this in mind if my feet happen to stroll by again some day.

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