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The classic outdoor shopping centre in Vällingby got itself a roof. Not much help though on a wintry day. Indoor malls still have the competitive edge in terms of comfort.
Vällingby centrum (map) 9 September 2009


VP said...

If your weather is what I think it is, they are right. Nice roof anyway, they are trying to devise one to cover a market here, this look great.

svenske floyd said...

I agree, indoor malls are most suitable, in a clime like ours.

stromsjo said...

More or less a zero-sum game. There is a finite number of households who need to shop. And yet an increasing number of malls compete for their spendings.

Vogon Poet: Doesn't look too bad but the altitude of this construction is to high so rain and snow can freely blow in under it.

Svenske Floyd: But why do they always have to take on such a uniformly boring appearance?

Thanks guys.

Lowell said...

A number of open-air malls have been built in recent years in big one here in Ocala. I don't understand it as the summers are blistering and sometimes it is quite chilly in the winter.

I'd much prefer an indoor mall.

I guess the open-air ones are quite a bit cheaper to build.

stromsjo said...

Cheaper to build, cheaper to maintain. No AC needed.

I suppose your climate is agreeable on average ;) so some statistician probably figured this would be the prudent approach.

Thanks, Jacob.

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