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vaxholms kastell

Vaxholm Castle was originally constructed centuries ago to defend against shipborne attacks from the east. Today it hosts a museum of coastal defence.
Vaxholm (map) 2 October 2009


Anonymous said...

The Vaxholm fortress has repelled two attacks, one made by the Danish 1612 and one made by Russians 1719. In 1839 was the defense line moved to the straight Oxdjupet defended by fort - Oscar-Fredriksborg.

The Vaxholm fortress was rebuilt 1833 - 1863 to the one you can see today. But the rapid weapon development outdated the new construction in a empirical tests 1872 when a test fired up on with artillery fire from a Swedish navy vessel.

VP said...

You post a beautiful castle with an interesting history... and I see a bollard! I'm lost for these things!

stromsjo said...

Typical, isn't it. When the defense line is finally completed, weapons technology has moved far ahead of expectations.

"-And then you open a museum."

Bits or bollards - we've managed to compile a nice collection of these thingies by now.

Thanks, guys.

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