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the rose

Glass is such an underrated material these days. We want our glass-windows spotless and clean, so that we won't even know they are there. But glass can also be decoration. Catcher of sunlight. A colourful flower gleaming above your head, like this one marking a glazier's shop near Mosebacke Square.

Mosebacke torg (map) 8 October 2009


stromsjo said...

Underrated yet classic.

But please don't mention clean windows! I happen to know about a few where there is - ahem - room for improvement.

Jenny said...

I'm sure I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about...! :o)

stromsjo said...

With a bit of luck you won't ever have to see them - much less try to see through them... :)

VP said...

Beautiful sign. Thinking of my windows at home is saddening my morning. Lot of room for improvement even there...

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