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no real Post!

A few years back, the Swedish Post office revolutionized their operations, by outsourcing much of their traditional core business. From then on people would be able to send their mail, pick up their parcels etc from grocery stores, gas stations etc.

The new take on Postal services was launched with a national campaign. The campaign was built around a theme where an ordinary John Q Swede was infuriated by the notion of taking care of his postal business in convenience stores and gas stations. Every time it was suggested to him - with all the arguments about convenience and accessibility, he would exclaim: "That's no real Post [office]!" - with considerable indignation.

By now most Swedes have probably accepted the fact that postal errands can be taken care of in their usual grocery store.

This post office looks pretty real to me, though. I guess there are still "real" post offices to be found - if you just look hard enough!

Kungsholmen (map) 7 October 2009


VP said...

Here few years ago payment of utilities were partially outsourced to tobacconist with lotto machines. At a Post Office still long queues, few seconds at the tobacconist's.

Jenny said...

Yes, I think most ppl have gotten used to it by now. I feel very spoiled being able to pick up my parcels at my local grocery store until 10 at night. A service I use very frequently...! :)

stromsjo said...

The new scheme is a lot better. Swedish Posten have in fact been good at adapting to rapidly changing circumstances. According to a parliament decision some 40 years back their business is entirely financed on its own merits and not through taxes. Keeping a viable postal service going and (reasonably) profitable in a sparsely populated country like Sweden is impressive.

Jenny said...

Per: I agree - but the business of physical mail-deliveries must be shrinking... I wonder how long they will be able to keep it up.

And admit the old look was a wee bit more interesting than the new grocery-store/gas-station/lottery-vendor profile they have now...! :)

stromsjo said...

Hardly anyone sends letters anymore. We do however order lots of stuff over the Internet and someone has to deliver the goods so there's still hope but it must be a rocky and uncertain ride for their market planners.

svenske floyd said...

There are still places called Företagscenter, for business service, which are run by Posten. Also, the sending of letters is diminishing, but the sending of parcels is increasing in the age of web shopping!

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