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lidingö kyrka (2)

The exterior of Lidingö Church, completed in 1623.
Lidingö kyrka (map) 29 September 2009


VP said...

I like the way you framed the tower with everything else.

Lowell said...

Nicely composed. Very old church. Is it still in use? When a church is no longer used, what do they do with all the parish records?

stromsjo said...

Beautifully located by the water too, I might add.

Vogon Poet: Almost missed those rays of sunlight. Spent an hour inside while the sun was shining. The minute I stepped out it quickly disappeared behind a cloud. So this was it. One shot.

Jacob: Very much in use still and quite popular too. I'm not much of an expert but there are all sorts of procedures when a church is becoming "non-operative".

Thanks for stopping by.

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