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empty house

This beautiful station-house was paid for by count Arvid Posse himself. Why? Just to make sure the tracks of Eskilstunabanan were going to pass Näsby on their way from Saltskog in Södertälje to Eskilstuna. Today no trains stop here - at all. The tracks are gone....

Taxinge-Näsby, Nykvarn (map) 12 September 2009


Ilse said...

Love your photos. I lived in Goteborg, Sweden for 18 months in the late 1980's. Was married to a Swede. His parents lived in Stockholm. FANTASTIC country! Jag tycker om! Often I wished I still lived there. Such a sane society. But the winters . . . a little dark.

VP said...

Beautiful house, just a little weird and with a funny story too.

Joakim Johansson said...

Well, this "Today no trains stop here - at all. The tracks are gone...." is wrong!

Since may 29, 2011, there is a railway between Taxinge-Näsby and Läggesta nedre (-Mariefred).

See this links:

stromsjo said...

Thanks for updating us Joakim!

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