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In the midst of Lidingö shopping centre, next to the town hall, is Ansgar Church from 1996. Pastor Leif Romell has been generously sharing his insight into its history.

Artist Lennart Rodhe created this cross in "egg tempera" technique. Thereby the colours remain "true" even in differing light conditions. When only a few candles are lit - and depending on exactly where in the room you are - the cross "comes alive" and an amazing tunnel effect can be seen.

Ansgarskyrkan, Lidingö (map) 29 September 2009


VP said...

Egg tempera was a very ancient technique, I have never seen it used nowadays. If it is the same thing...

stromsjo said...

I guess it is.

Obviously one can't capture any "tunnel" effects in a flat photo but I somehow wish I had known the story about this cross when I snapped the photo.

It's an interesting modern church and we'll see more of it in the weeks to come.

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