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hello, operator?

Do you remember these? Phone booths? I wonder what kids of today will say about these installments - after all there are still a few of them left out there, although they don't provide much functionality in a time of cell phones and wi-fi connection points...

But at least it's a beautiful memorial from a time when a phone booth was a normal, every-day thing - and not a rare curiosity.

Mosebacke torg (map) 8 October 2009


vaxholms kastell

Vaxholm Castle was originally constructed centuries ago to defend against shipborne attacks from the east. Today it hosts a museum of coastal defence.
Vaxholm (map) 2 October 2009



In the midst of Lidingö shopping centre, next to the town hall, is Ansgar Church from 1996. Pastor Leif Romell has been generously sharing his insight into its history.

Artist Lennart Rodhe created this cross in "egg tempera" technique. Thereby the colours remain "true" even in differing light conditions. When only a few candles are lit - and depending on exactly where in the room you are - the cross "comes alive" and an amazing tunnel effect can be seen.

Ansgarskyrkan, Lidingö (map) 29 September 2009


infra city (3)

Same hotel, another angle. One never knows with these glassy façades.
Infra City, Upplands Väsby (map) 26 September 2009


whatever you do - don't whistle!

If there is a place, covered by unspoken yet indisputable mystery - I'd say it's the backstage areas of a theatre. Especially the older ones, which almost always come complete with ghost tales and all.

These stairs are in Södra teatern ("South theatre"), which was opened in 1852 and has been in use ever since. These days the stage hosts conference speakers as well as stand-up comedians and musicians from far-away, exotic parts of the world.

Mosebacke torg 1 (map) 8 October 2009


out flying

photo: Anna Lindfelt

It was just one of those days. Everybody was out and about flying their planes. We just wanted to take it easy at our place at Rådmansö, just off Norrtälje. Not terribly far from where we challenged the Viking Line ferry mind you.

Rådmansö, Norrtälje (map) 7 August 2009

romantic vacancy

Moon or no moon, summer is merely a memory and this bench by Norrviken doesn't seem overly crowded.
Norrviken, Sollentuna (map) 26 September 2009


bollmora kyrkogård (2)

Tranquility. A timeless pace in a timeless place - Bollmora Cemetery. The shadow in the foreground is from the campanile.
Bollmora kyrkogård, Tyresö (map) 10 October 2009


the rose

Glass is such an underrated material these days. We want our glass-windows spotless and clean, so that we won't even know they are there. But glass can also be decoration. Catcher of sunlight. A colourful flower gleaming above your head, like this one marking a glazier's shop near Mosebacke Square.

Mosebacke torg (map) 8 October 2009


S:t Tomas kyrka (2)

Light from the inner garden. A meditative moment by the baptismal font in St. Thomas Church.
S:t Tomas kyrka, Vällingby (map) 9 September 2009


rödlöga - a parting shot

Here is a view from Rödlöga harbour taken just before the boat headed back to Stockholm.
Rödlöga, Norrtälje (map) 20 September 2009


the Rindö connection

The characteristic silhouette of a double-ended ferry. Without them, what would life in the archipelago be like?
Vaxholm Västerhamnen (map) 2 October 2009


please have a seat

There's something special about old park benches. Silent witnesses of a world rushing by, rarely with time to have a seat or just breathe for a while.

If only they could speak.

Kungsholmen (map) 7 October 2009


danger ahead - look out

If you've got a sweet tooth (like me), this is a place to either avoid (if you listen to your dentist or scale) or look forward to. Try to get away with just one piece of cake if you can. I can't. Never ever when I'm at Taxinge Castle. There is just too much to choose from. And it all looks and tastes delicious.

Taxinge Slott, Nykvarn (map) 12 September 2009

lidingö kyrka (2)

The exterior of Lidingö Church, completed in 1623.
Lidingö kyrka (map) 29 September 2009


change lanes for Vallentuna

Straight on to Arlanda? Or a detour from the E4 motorway? Choices, choices...
E4, Upplands Väsby (map) 26 September 2009


mailboxes at Rödlöga

Rödlöga is a populated island, but only three people live there all year around. As you can see in this picture many more are staying there during the summer!
Rödlöga, Norrtälje (map) 20 September 2009


staying in the flow (2)

Settling down where there's a good supply of water seems like an excellent idea - for trees as well as for the rest of us.
Norrviken, Sollentuna (map) 26 September 2009


inside Taxinge church

Been passing the church several times, but never had the opportunity to go inside. This saturday was different. Having time to spare, and some luck, and see - opportunity knocks. It's a small but pretty church, with a nice set of mosaic windows. The text says "Oh Lord, help me"

Taxinge kyrka, Nykvarn (map) 12 September 2009

no real Post!

A few years back, the Swedish Post office revolutionized their operations, by outsourcing much of their traditional core business. From then on people would be able to send their mail, pick up their parcels etc from grocery stores, gas stations etc.

The new take on Postal services was launched with a national campaign. The campaign was built around a theme where an ordinary John Q Swede was infuriated by the notion of taking care of his postal business in convenience stores and gas stations. Every time it was suggested to him - with all the arguments about convenience and accessibility, he would exclaim: "That's no real Post [office]!" - with considerable indignation.

By now most Swedes have probably accepted the fact that postal errands can be taken care of in their usual grocery store.

This post office looks pretty real to me, though. I guess there are still "real" post offices to be found - if you just look hard enough!

Kungsholmen (map) 7 October 2009


bollmora kyrkogård

Less is more at Bollmora Cemetery.
Bollmora kyrkogård, Tyresö (map) 10 October 2009


lighthouse outside Rödlöga

I promised to post some pictures from the boat trip to Rödlöga. Here is one of the lighthouses, called Hundskärsfyr. You pass the lighthouse on both ways, to and from Rödlöga.
Rödlöga, Norrtälje (map) 20 September 2009


with warm greetings

The classic outdoor shopping centre in Vällingby got itself a roof. Not much help though on a wintry day. Indoor malls still have the competitive edge in terms of comfort.
Vällingby centrum (map) 9 September 2009


vaxholms kyrka

The church in Vaxholm was completed 206 years ago.
Vaxholms kyrka (map) 2 October 2009


island art

The small sculpture "Människan i centrum", here seen opposite a flower shop in Lidingö shopping centre, was created by Sven Lundqvist.
Lidingö centrum (map) 29 September 2009


like a protective mother, watching over the cars below, is this ferry - Freja, going to and from Jungfrusund several times a day.

Ekeröleden (map) 20 September 2009


upplands väsby station

Once again looking down at Upplands Väsby train station from a bike bridge. Been there, done that. The station was first opened in 1866.
Upplands Väsby station (map) 10 August 2009


when I was a kid

The lakes were inviting
Bathing exciting

The evenings were longer

A feeling much stronger

When I was a kid

Norrviken, Sollentuna (map) 26 September 2009


k:fem revisited

Interior from the fashion house in recently revamped Vällingby. Possibly a clever idea to have shops for clothing assembled under one roof, now that they couldn't turn the entire centre into an indoor mall.
Vällingby centrum (map) 9 September 2009


empty house

This beautiful station-house was paid for by count Arvid Posse himself. Why? Just to make sure the tracks of Eskilstunabanan were going to pass Näsby on their way from Saltskog in Södertälje to Eskilstuna. Today no trains stop here - at all. The tracks are gone....

Taxinge-Näsby, Nykvarn (map) 12 September 2009

waxholms hotell

Art Nouveau architecture, here's the classic hotel from 1903 in Vaxholm.
Hamngatan, Vaxholm (map) 2 October 2009


lidingö kyrka

The pulpit of Lidingö Church was replaced in 1779. Here's the "new" one.
Lidingö kyrka (map) 29 September 2009


infra city (2)

We're back at the hotel in Infra City. Presumably offering all the comfort one could imagine while located right next to a noisy highway.

Infra City, Upplands Väsby (map) 26 September 2009


trollholmens skola

Low budget fun outside a school in Rotsunda Gård. Good to see that those low-tech pastimes are still being practiced.
Trollholmens skola, Sollentuna (map) 26 September 2009



The electricity value chain is controlled from Råcksta, home of Vattenfall, here seen across an entire landscape of subway tracks.
Vällingby centrum (map) 9 September 2009

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