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when the peace hits the fan

It's good to have a fan of your own when the afternoon gets hotter than hot. Another peaceful moment by this sculpture.
Täby centrum (map) 3 August 2009


Lionel Messi said...

טוב תודה לך נושא יותר נפלא

VP said...

I have seen so many copies of that sculpture that, if the author gets royalties, must be a rich man now...

stromsjo said...

Incidentally, the need for fans has been limited recently. Even yours truly can testify that the weather is pleasantly mild these days. After all, it's September.

Lionel Messi: I did have to rely on Google Translate for that one... Anyhow, glad you liked it.

Vogon Poet: Must be rewarding to know that something one has created now decorates many places. Still, artists have to pay their bills too so I'm sure he'd appreciate such a scheme.


Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

This is literally a cool picture! Hope the guy didn't shred his nose unintentionally. (;

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