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norsborg (3)

Here's where the train stops. At Norsborg it's about time to start walking. Always good to have a hand to hold.
Tunnelbana Norsborg, Botkyrka (map) 23 August 2009


svenske floyd said...

Start walking indeed. There are some nice spots. Did you pass by "Norsborgs Herrgård"?

VP said...

Singing again commuter stories? This is really nice and well caught!

Kiwi said...

And in black and white!

stromsjo said...

Svenske Floyd: Not yet. Should we add that destination to the list?

Vogon Poet: Thanks. You're right that there has been an awful lot of commuting recently. More to come but we should really adjust the mix slightly.

Peter Fristedt: Yep, the colour version turned out a bit boring.

Thanks guys.

svenske floyd said...

Norsborgs Herrgård has a lovely park down by the lake, I recommend a stroll before the leaves fall.

stromsjo said...

Thanks for the tip!

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