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k:fem in Vällingby is a new fashion house with some 30 shops. They aim to offer a bit of everyday glamour and they certainly have a lot in store. One thing they don't seem to have is customers. The gigantic premises have echoed rather empty for quite some time now.
Vällingby centrum (map) 9 September 2009


VP said...

You did a perfect introduction to make me laugh at the end!

Qualunque said...

I've found your blog by chance.I will follow some of your pictures to discover another view of your city.

Any tip for my first trip to Stockholm?

Regards from Baphouncrcelona.

stromsjo said...

I should give them some credit. This complex is an attempt at creating sort of an indoor mini-shopping mall for clothing.

Vogon Poet: Mission accomplished then! ;)

Qualunque: Good to hear. Not knowing what you're interested in, it's bit difficult to give any brilliant tip. Stockholm has a lot to offer throughout the year but most visitors tend to arrive in the summer. Most welcome to follow our stockholm-by blogs for a while to get a sense of the wonder!

Thanks guys.

Kiwi said...

@ Qualunque: I visited Barcelona for the first time a couple of months ago (OK, I changed trains in your city once in the eighties but that doesn't count). I enjoyed it and will definitely come back. I found the two cities have much in common, for instance a vibrant art and cultural scene. Swedes are very proud of our nature, and in Stockholm we love the archipelago. So why not take a music or food cruise in the archipelago?

Qualunque said...

Thanks Peter for yor tip!

I don't know if BCN and Stockholm have so much in common (my opinion about my city is not so positive as yours to be honest), I will try a day trip through the archipielago.

Thanks again

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