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alby (3)

Another glimpse from Alby subway station, red benches and all.
Tunnelbana Alby, Botkyrka (map) 23 August 2009


VP said...

Fantasy in bright colors...

stromsjo said...

This is my favourite shot from Alby. I'll have to tear myself away now and go find other commuting hunting grounds!

Qualunque said...

Great picture.
I've been in your city last weekend. Gorgeus!

Nice to find other perspectives, other people, other languages...

Furthermore I was very lucky to find a wonderful weather and discover Stockholm with an incredible light.

I will visit this blog as a necessary window to the north.

Regards from Barcelona.

stromsjo said...

That's great! Thanks for letting us know, Qualunque. Feel free to add a wish or a comment now and then and say hello to Barcelona from us!

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