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891 mm

A north-east bound train arriving at Täby centrum station. Roslagsbanan is a narrow-gauge (891 mm) railway - old, yet electrified and with many loyal supporters.
Täby centrum (map) 3 August 2009


svenske floyd said...

Have you been touring the line? I look forward to more shots.

stromsjo said...

Only a very limited tour this time. Good idea. We did a rather extensive feature on Saltsjöbanan last spring.

svenske floyd said...

Yes, the Saltsjöbanan feature was very nice, although you neglected my own place "Nacka station". I hope you'll do one on Roslagsbanan. Although it's old and narrow-rail they nowadays modernize it and even extend it!

stromsjo said...

However could we neglect Nacka Station ?

One positive side effect of a journey along Roslagsbanan is that it would give us an excuse to visit a few of those *other* 25 municipalities in the county.

Thanks for your input, do keep those wishes and suggestions coming!

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