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västra skogen (5)

Life is short. Art is long. At least according to Hippocrates. He would have liked the subway.
Tunnelbana Västra skogen, Solna (map) 6 July 2009


svenske floyd said...

Well put! I like the contraposition of rushing people to the immobile art object.

stromsjo said...

Once again, a random event. I was aiming for those tiles and the self-timer happened to wait a bit too long so these ladies stepped into our world. Much better!

Thanks, Svenske Floyd.

VP said...

Sometimes we literally stumble on our better photos... Nice lucky shot!

stromsjo said...

Snapping is more exciting with my compact since that one only has a ten second interval for the self timer. The SLR offers a shorter interval too but for whatever reason I didn't use it in this case. Habit, I suppose.

Thanks, Vogon Poet.

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