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traffic flow

Crammed between a parking lot and the railroad lies a stream in Upplands Väsby.
Upplands Väsby station (map) 10 August 2009


VP said...

This is so strange, nice photo and title.

svenske floyd said...

Waterscape IS fascinating, in all its appearances.

stromsjo said...

I first aimed to zoom in on the water and the green but these contrasts seemed more interesting. I also could have waited for one of our yellow high speed trains to rush by behind the trees.

Vogon Poet: Glad you like it.

Svenske Floyd: ...and wherever it flows by...

Thanks guys for meditating with us over this small stream.

VP said...

Yellow high speed trains? Have you posted anything about these?
Your small stream, a bit out of place, is not a bad opportunity to meditate.

stromsjo said...

Meditation is good.

I could be wrong but I don't recall posting anything on these trains. Slightly embarrassing. Anyhow, the trains rush between the city and the airport. We've been to the airport and the trains can be seen here.

Thanks for asking!

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