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tales of the uncollected

The archipelago is a star attraction for tourists as well as a resort for the locals. Still, not every corner is a pretty sight. Here's where garbage is (supposedly) being collected in Furusund.
Furusund, Norrtälje (map) 22 June 2009


VP said...

I have to post more images like this, the darkest or dirtiest spots in our cities.

svenske floyd said...

As administrators generally say: "the service is to some extent reduced during vacation time". The reduction in this case seems to be 100%.

stromsjo said...

Quite a contrast in a pretty, romantic place like this.

Vogon Poet: For obvious reasons it's more fun to deliver pleasant images but I guess there's always the other side of any coin and I agree that we should try to give a reasonably balanced view. Not just the postcards.

Svenske Floyd: In fairness, this was taken early Monday morning. I imagine the place looked fine on Friday afternoon but there simply wasn't capacity enough for serving all the weekend visitors.

Thanks guys.

Kris McCracken said...

Does it smell?

stromsjo said...

I'm afraid it does, Kris.

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