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playground wisdom

Mulle Meck is the handy-man character figuring in a series of children's books written by George Johansson and Jens Ahlbom. 2008 a Mulle Meck-park for children was opened in Järvastaden, Solna - a creative playground filled with technical gadgets, engine parts and slides in all imaginable shapes.

This inscription, found in the park, summarizes the Mulle Meck philosophy - and has a relevant point for most of us too:

"If there's a problem on one end,
there's usually a solution on the other."

(Old saying from Djupforsen)

Järvastaden, Solna (map) 29 July 2009


stromsjo said...

Interestingly, this does not appear to be a commercial project. The park is always open and there is no one there to charge you for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Ho Ho Ho! Someone has buried a "Engine pump" in Swedish "Motorspruta" or "Albin spruta". This construct was made by the company Albin years ago.
What you see is the pump house standing up, that is the engine is buried and was of the type VW boxer. I home the engine is cleaned from lubrication fluids.

VP said...

Great idea for a park, I would enjoy it even as a grown up. Mostly as a grown up.

Kiwi said...

The old saying from Djupforsen would work in organizational theory as well.

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