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everyday drama

The Royal Dramatic Theatre at Nybroplan is a remarkable place from all sorts of angles.

Dramaten, Nybroplan (map) 13 July 2009


Vogon Poet said...

Beautiful building, these views from a high place are really great. Where you took them from?

Svenske Floyd said...

How do you get up high, are you a parkoureur?

Per Stromsjo said...

This was snapped from a roof terrace by Sergels torg, some 700 meters away.

Good grief, what is a parkoureur ? ;)

Thanks guys.

Svenske Floyd said...

A parkoureur is one who does le parkour, the sport of transgressing a city without touching ground.

Per Stromsjo said...

Such a talent would come in handy in this "business"! Thanks for elaborating, Svenske Floyd.

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