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Tullinge channel

View from Tullingesjön

In the south of Stockholm is this bridge, built over the Tullinge Channel. The channel is a 600 meter long and 20 meter wide handmade construction, myth says it was partly made by Russian war prisoners in the 17th century. The channel was renewed 1755 by the central bank of Sweden when they built Tumba paper mill and established the bill paper manufacturing there. The waterway connection operated by the central bank ended 1860 and general waterway connection between Stockholm and Tullinge was upheld for 200 years between 1763 and 1963. The channel connects Albysjön to Tullingesjön.


svenske floyd said...

Waterway connection you mean. Just to clarify. "Sea" could signify the Baltic. Of course it is a fascinating thought to have a canal to the Baltic through the wilderness of Botkyrka and Haninge!

VP said...

I am quite fascinated by everything related to water channels or water transportation and, for what I see, Stockholm has 'plenty' of this.

stromsjo said...

An interesting historical perspective.

Yes, water is plentiful and pretty much the lifeblood of this city, Vogon Poet.

svenske floyd said...

Plenty of water indeed, but not sufficient public transport on it, not at all a "Venice of the North" like some say!

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