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norrsunda kyrka (3)

There are paintings from the 14th century in Norrsunda Church. Here's another glimpse of the exterior.
Norrsunda kyrka, Sigtuna (map) 1 June 2009


VP said...

Impressive: strange lights and shadows under a dark blue sky.

stromsjo said...

I had a bit of a struggle with the white balance on that night but I believe this is actually the artificial light looking very... artificial .

Thanks, Vogon Poet.

VP said...

I shot a whole day with w/balance off, when I saw the results I almost cried: you was more lucky!

stromsjo said...

Ah, that must have been terribly disappointing.

Almost like that time when I managed to accidentally format a memory stick after a long day of shooting in freezing temperatures...

Phew, such horror stories!

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