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husby-sjuhundra kyrka

The northernmost municipality in Stockholm County is Norrtälje. Here's Husby-Sjuhundra Church from the 12th century.
Husby-Sjuhundra kyrka, Norrtälje (map) 21 June 2009


Glennis said...

Looks a nice solid stone house. Small windows, much smaller than we would have.
You asked how cool the winters day would be, well today is quite cold overcast with rain threatening, about 8 - 9 degrees, but when the photo was taken it was sunny so it would be about 16 degrees. here we do not get snow on the ground at all, but once or twice a year there is snow on our Picton hills for a day or so. Our climate is ; a frost in the morning, warm sunny days from about 10am til 5pm and cold nights. Fairly livable but we all complain about the cold! I think Sweden is colder, but as I haven't been there I may be very wrong!!! and I often am. Enjoy your summer.

stromsjo said...

We'll return for more glimpses from this church. Never been inside, unfortunately. I've been doing quite a few night excursions recently and by that hour they'd be well locked of course.

I suppose a chilly summers day here is not so different from an agreeable, sunny winter afternoon around your latitudes then.

Thanks Glennis.

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