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A burnt lot

Brända Tomten ("The Burnt Lot") is one of my favourite places in Stockholm. And probably one of the most beautiful places in town. Previously there was a house here, but it was destroyed in a fire 1728. The house wasn´t rebuilt, therefore the name of the place.


VP said...

I like the small squares of unusual shape, they have some sort of character and these beautiful trees surely help.

stromsjo said...

Good shot, Kenta.

This place has a certain atmosphere. Almost like a large room and the chestnut tree somehow contributes to that feeling.

Kiwi said...

Nice photo and an interesting story Kenta!

Kenta Jönsson said...

Thanks guys! This is really a nice place where I like to just sit down and relax. Or take a few photos somtimes, of course. :-) This is my kind of "an oasis in the city". If you know what I mean.. :-)

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