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local chaos theory

City planning must be a quite a challenge. Maybe those planners should assume an elevated position once in a while and view the results of their efforts from above the rooftops?
Hamngatan (map) 13 July 2009


A burnt lot

Brända Tomten ("The Burnt Lot") is one of my favourite places in Stockholm. And probably one of the most beautiful places in town. Previously there was a house here, but it was destroyed in a fire 1728. The house wasn´t rebuilt, therefore the name of the place.


norrsunda kyrka (3)

There are paintings from the 14th century in Norrsunda Church. Here's another glimpse of the exterior.
Norrsunda kyrka, Sigtuna (map) 1 June 2009


solna centrum (4)

Yet another colourful splash from Solna Centrum subway station.
(T) Solna centrum (map) 6 July 2009


norrtälje kyrka

Early morning by Norrtälje Church from 1726 in the coastal area Roslagen.
Norrtälje kyrka (map) 22 June 2009



The city needs its green lungs. Here's Brunkeberg Square. Top left is a sculpture Gryning by Stefan Thorén, seen before.

Brunkebergstorg (map) 13 July 2009


Traquillity in Vallentuna Church

This smithwork chandelier can be found in Vallentuna church. Paradoxically, the photograph was shot on Midsummer's eve. Families celebrating the pagan holiday of summer solstice apparently stopped by the Christian church to light a candle on their way home...!

The burning candle carries dome degree of symbolism to most people, whether church-going Christians or not. Generally will be associated with hope, a light in the darkest hour.

Also, it has a remarkable ability to induce a sense of calm and tranquillity upon a stress-pressured mind. So, why not take the time to light a candle and give yourself a moment of peace and reflection every once in a while?

norrsunda kyrka (2)

Norrsunda Church is situated 3 kilometers south-east of Märsta and with the E4 motorway running behind these trees it's not quite as peaceful as it looks.

Norrsunda kyrka, Sigtuna (map) 1 June 2009


birdy nam nam by Sveavägen

Eating out tonight? These fellows are. With you.
Sveavägen (map) 13 July 2009


s/s norrtelje (2)

Summer doesn't get much summerier than this. The S/S Norrtelje is ready for its next floating mission in Norrtälje Harbour.
Hamnplan, Norrtälje (map) 22 June 2009


västra skogen (4)

Spårspring is a Swedish word for the dangerous practice of running between and across rail tracks. Putting an end to this lethal habit at Västra skogen subway station, these metal sculptures serve as a barrier.
Tunnelbana Västra skogen, Solna (map) 6 July 2009


sollentuna simhall (2)

Another early morning glimpse from that swimming complex.
Stubbhagsvägen, Sollentuna (map) 1 June 2009


stadsbiblioteket (3)

Time to stop by the Public Library again. Come with us!
Stadsbiblioteket, Sveavägen (map) 13 July 2009


hammarby kyrka (2)

Another nocturnal view of Hammarby Church, not far from the E4 motorway.
Hammarby kyrka, Upplands-Väsby (map) 31 May 2009


Tullinge channel

View from Tullingesjön

In the south of Stockholm is this bridge, built over the Tullinge Channel. The channel is a 600 meter long and 20 meter wide handmade construction, myth says it was partly made by Russian war prisoners in the 17th century. The channel was renewed 1755 by the central bank of Sweden when they built Tumba paper mill and established the bill paper manufacturing there. The waterway connection operated by the central bank ended 1860 and general waterway connection between Stockholm and Tullinge was upheld for 200 years between 1763 and 1963. The channel connects Albysjön to Tullingesjön.


hotel sign (2)

Remember Hotel Sign? A pointy, provocative statement. But what does it say?
Norra Bantorget (map) 17 May 2009


frösunda kyrka

14 kilometers north of Vallentuna we find Frösunda Church from the 15th century.
Frösunda kyrka, Vallentuna (map) 7 June 2009


solna centrum (3)

More of that colourful and somewhat political subway art at Solna centrum.
(T) Solna centrum (map) 6 July 2009


nocturne for LO

Any late night negotiators at The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) will be happy to know that many night buses stop by at Norra Bantorget. Here's one.
Norra Bantorget (map) 17 May 2009


norrsunda kyrka

34 kilometers north of the city, Norrsunda Church dates back to the 12th century.
Norrsunda kyrka, Sigtuna (map) 1 June 2009


s/s norrtelje

Steam powered S/S Norrtelje - constructed in the year 1900 - has apparently been the scene of some serious Midsummer celebrations. Here she is in Norrtälje harbour on the following Monday morning...
Hamnplan, Norrtälje (map) 22 June 2009


husby-sjuhundra kyrka

The northernmost municipality in Stockholm County is Norrtälje. Here's Husby-Sjuhundra Church from the 12th century.
Husby-Sjuhundra kyrka, Norrtälje (map) 21 June 2009



- Oh but grandmother, what a terrible big mouth you have.
- The better to eat you with!

(from Little Red Riding Hood by the Grimm Brothers)

The ferry Yxlan is ready to serve in Furusund.
Furusund, Norrtälje (map) 22 June 2009


vallentuna kyrka (6)

This rooster enjoys an elevated position on top of Vallentuna Church.
Vallentuna kyrka (map) 8 June 2009


blasieholmen by cell

A friend, a sunset and a bench in front of Nationalmuseum. Plus that cell phone, of course.

Södra Blasieholmshamnen (map) 25 May 2009

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