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A waste-basket and a couple of benches out of focus might not reveal much. But the trained eye of a true subway connoisseur will recognize that band of colour stripes along the cave wall in Huvudsta subway station.
Huvudsta station (map) 27 April 2009


Lowell said...

I knew that. Tricky shot. I thought I needed to get my glasses but I already had them on!

stromsjo said...

This shot is presented in cooperation with our local optrician!

Thanks for stopping by, Jacob.

Lowell said...

You are a funny guy, Per Stromsjo! My optician is funnier, though...he gives me glasses and expects me to see out of them. He forgets how old I am!

stromsjo said...

Sounds a bit risky to have a funny optician but there's certainly a large potential for comedy involved in this matter. Here are some additional audiovisual difficulties to ponder!

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