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alla folks frihet ...

Artist Nils Dahlgren created this sculpture ("Mitt hjärta i världen") in honor of former Prime Minister Olof Palme. Seen in the background is Clarion Hotel Sign.

Norra Bantorget (map) 17 May 2009


AlbaNova (3)

You've surely noticed by now that I'm quite fond of the architecture at AlbaNova universitetscentrum. Here's another shot.
Roslagstullsbacken (map) 1 April 2009


creepy latin

Some people get the creeps just thinking about school. I wonder what an author like Stephen King could envision at Norra Latin?
Norra Latin (map) 17 May 2009



Stock from a dry dock at Beckholmen. Picture taken before the dock was enclosed by the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. It's kind of sad that the code has to be introduced  as it limit access to port areas.


the hanging gardens of... Kulturhuset?

Well, why not? This interior needs all the help it can get.
Kulturhuset (map) 30 March 2009


27 countries, one election

Advance voting for the European election will begin on Wednesday. Election huts are popping up. Here are a couple at Odenplan, still without any posters.

Odenplan (map) 16 May 2009


congested we stand

The traffic is hopeless. Wherever you're heading, someone will be there to block your route.
Slussen (map) 20 April 2009


root map and underground art

text & photo: Jennifer Hallqvist

To supplement our sister blog pixels, here is a close-up of Lotta Külhorn's famous radish patterns at the Zinkensdamm metro station. The art work is called Rotkatalog - root map.
Zinkensdamm (map) 21 April 2009


city archeology

Unexpected excavations in the middle of busy streets are a sure sign of spring. Here at Hantverkargatan they have uncovered (and replaced, methinks) unique pipes from way back in the 20th century.
Hantverkargatan (map) 10 April 2009


through the eyes of a child

Kid's drawings blown into gigantic proportions are the predominant artistic decoration in the subway station Hallonbergen. Artists Elis Eriksson and Gösta Wallmark decided to create a station for kids of all ages. This initiative has drawn some criticism. Art tends to be provocative.
Hallonbergen station (map) 10 April 2009



A waste-basket and a couple of benches out of focus might not reveal much. But the trained eye of a true subway connoisseur will recognize that band of colour stripes along the cave wall in Huvudsta subway station.
Huvudsta station (map) 27 April 2009


vallentuna kyrka (5)

Vallentuna Church has a modern organ from 2002
Vallentuna kyrka (map) 1 March 2009

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