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ok - so I'm a cow

This pair of cows (swedish = KO) are found grazing (?) on the premises of Vår Gård in Saltsjöbaden. Both are of the race Belgian Blue I gather? At least one thinks it's OK as well. These two were once part of the Cow-parade in 2004 and were later auctioned. Apparently they ended up here.

Saltsjöbaden (map) 15 March 2009


stromsjo said...

So they were. Homage 1 and Homage 2, if I'm not mistaken. Moo!

Bernt Seipl said...

I gave you that for free, Per. You just had to click the link :-)

Kiwi said...

Ha ha! I like the kosmonaut!

stromsjo said...

;) Clicking links is an underestimated source of pleasure, Bernt!

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