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AlbaNova universitetscentrum is a remarkable building
Roslagstullsbacken (map) 4 February 2009


lovö kyrka (3)

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There are thirty graves inside Lovö Church and many more outside
Lovö kyrka, Ekerö (map) 4 January 2009


punk trees

How about a bit of subculture in the suburb? Here's a closeup of some trees in front of the town hall in Kungsängen.
Furuhällsplan, Kungsängen (map) 21 January 2009



Half a century later in Solna, this is still our national football stadium
Råsunda fotbollsstadion (map) 1 February 2009


sunset from fjällgatan (2)

photo: Stefan Ågren

On the way home from the cottage, driving along Stadsgårdskajen - a summer day ends spectacularly. A detour over Fjällgatan offers this view.
Fjällgatan (map) 15 August 2008


ski - an arms length away

It certainly looks as if the light from this arm, is enough to light up the ski-slope in the background as well. But as you no doubt have noticed, there are some floodlights there too. The arm serves as a pointer towards Subtopia in Alby. Read more about it on pixels a little later on.

Rotemannavägen, Alby (map) 1 February 2009


look closer

Per beat me to the picture, but I'll publish this one anyway. If you look closer, you can see the roof that he depicted. There was no way to avoid being part of the picture though.

Centralen (map) 10 Feb 2009


with love from jernhusen

New year, same old Central Station
Centralen (map) 11 January 2009


I ain't cleaning this !

When selecting a light fixture for your home, don't forget the practical side of the matter. You might want to clean it once in a while. This model hangs from the ceiling at the Opera.
Operan, Gustav Adolfs torg (map) 13 January 2009


färentuna kyrka (2)

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On Sunday we rest. But let's park the machine next to Färentuna Church, in case we change our minds...
Färentuna kyrka (map) 4 January 2009


room to play

A touch of frost and a wealth of electric lighting in Jakobsberg
Drabantvägen, Jakobsberg (map) 30 December 2008


up, up and away (2)

photo: Fanny Ågren

A droplet of freedom floating through the summer sky...
Högalid (map) 31 August 2008


think tank

For those trying to figure out what the new version of Sollentuna centrum will look like, here's a think tank. In the background we see the town hall.
Sollentuna centrum (map) 21 December 2008

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