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Nynäshamn (9)

Well folks, it is time to go.

With a last look at Nynäshamn it is time to leave Sweden and sail on to Tallinn in Estonia, Saint Petersburg in Russia, Helsinki in Finland, Gdynia in Poland and then under the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark to Oslo in Norway and finally back to Southampton where we rested a final day before flying back up to Manchester.

What a glorious time we had and though I was only in Stockholm a few hours, it has been great reliving it by sharing it here again over these last many months. I've got silly little tears in my eyes as I write this (too long staring at a screen).

I may never get back again in person but I shall be visiting frequently through these pages.


Kiwi said...

Thank you for sharing these few hours of Stockholm with us! It's been real fun, and the quizzes were hard figure out some times.

stromsjo said...

Let's hope you do find an opportunity to return. Thanks, Gerald!

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