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nocturnal seabreeze

I just happened to "stumble" over this sculpture an early morning on my way to work. I had a few moments extra time and I was in my car so I decided to take a detour. By pure chance I saw it sitting on top of a flight of stairs, and managed to get a decent picture for pixels. Then the moderator asked what it was called, so I had to go back again, because I didn't get the name the first time. This time I had more than just a few moments (even if it was a freezing -12 C) so I got a better look at it. It's called "Havsvind" by Kent Ullberg and was made in 2002. It does look quite impressive, made in polished stainless steel.

Gustavslundsvägen 133, Alviks Strand (map) 4 Jan 2009

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stromsjo said...

Well worth that detour! Real good shot.

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