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getting in shape

A sphere is one of the perfect geometric shapes. A hamburger isn't a perfect sphere. Still, it does possess other qualities making it increasingly popular. Too much of a good thing might make the consumer slightly more spherical. But as the sphere is a perfect shape, one of these can in fact help you get in perfect shape! Well, sort of.

Sickla kaj (map) 23 November 2008


Lynette said...

Oh, now I'm hungry for a fine, juicy, beefy, hamburger! Neat post.

Thanks for getting the clue from yesterday and putting it with today's to come up with Pontiac, the correct make. And, yes, that's me reflected in the car.

stromsjo said...

This artwork belongs to a chain of restaurants which isn't exactly my favourite. Then again, I was cold and hungry when I shot this so if I hadn't already had other plans, one of these might easily have gone down just the same. What's your favourite burger, Lynette?

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