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Sausages beyond the ordinary at Östermalm Square
Östermalmstorg (map) 31 December 2008


pyramidal in jakobsberg

Yet another mall... Gotta admit though that this glassy roof in Jakobsberg is a novel approach. A heavy metal choir can be found here as well.
Jakobsbergs centrum (map) 30 December 2008


up, up and away

photo: Stefan Ågren

Enjoying a moment of freedom above the city last summer
Högalid (map) 31 August 2008


let it melt in kista

Kista and all of Stockholm got its fair share of snow in November. Do you remember? Well, 24 hours after that photo was taken Kista had already returned to its regular costume. I find it difficult to call this winter but I suppose those growing up now will consider snow a temporary, random phenomenon during months of rain and darkness.

Kista centrum (map) 26 November 2008


lovö kyrka (2)

...previously on plenty

Many feet have walked this bridge to or from services in Lovö Church
Lovö kyrka, Ekerö (map) 4 January 2009


mind those crutches

Icy platform at Brommaplan subway station
Brommaplan (map) 23 November 2008


sunset from fjällgatan

photo: Stefan Ågren

A summer sunset behind the Old Town as observed from an elevated position at Fjällgatan

Fjällgatan (map) 15 August 2008

färentuna kyrka

Some of that scarce January sunlight on the wall of Färentuna Church
Färentuna kyrka (map) 4 January 2009


darkness by malmvägen

Let's look on the bright side. This was the darkest day and things can only improve.
Malmvägen, Sollentuna (map) 21 December 2008


Nynäshamn (9)

Well folks, it is time to go.

With a last look at Nynäshamn it is time to leave Sweden and sail on to Tallinn in Estonia, Saint Petersburg in Russia, Helsinki in Finland, Gdynia in Poland and then under the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark to Oslo in Norway and finally back to Southampton where we rested a final day before flying back up to Manchester.

What a glorious time we had and though I was only in Stockholm a few hours, it has been great reliving it by sharing it here again over these last many months. I've got silly little tears in my eyes as I write this (too long staring at a screen).

I may never get back again in person but I shall be visiting frequently through these pages.


väsby centrum

Yet another shopping mall, this one in Upplands Väsby
Väsby centrum (map) 15 November 2008


lovö kyrka

Tranquility, pale sunlight and some frost. January by Lovö Church.
Lovö kyrka, Ekerö (map) 4 January 2009


hedvig eleonora kyrka

Another year ends by Östermalmstorg
Hedvig Eleonora kyrka (map) 31 December 2008


getting in shape

A sphere is one of the perfect geometric shapes. A hamburger isn't a perfect sphere. Still, it does possess other qualities making it increasingly popular. Too much of a good thing might make the consumer slightly more spherical. But as the sphere is a perfect shape, one of these can in fact help you get in perfect shape! Well, sort of.

Sickla kaj (map) 23 November 2008


nocturnal seabreeze

I just happened to "stumble" over this sculpture an early morning on my way to work. I had a few moments extra time and I was in my car so I decided to take a detour. By pure chance I saw it sitting on top of a flight of stairs, and managed to get a decent picture for pixels. Then the moderator asked what it was called, so I had to go back again, because I didn't get the name the first time. This time I had more than just a few moments (even if it was a freezing -12 C) so I got a better look at it. It's called "Havsvind" by Kent Ullberg and was made in 2002. It does look quite impressive, made in polished stainless steel.

Gustavslundsvägen 133, Alviks Strand (map) 4 Jan 2009


meet frippe

Next to one of the stages of the Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten, Lilla Scenen) you'll find this smallish restaurant. Say "hi" to Frippe.
Almlöfsgatan (map) 31 December 2008


in chains

Chains on a recycling container in Jakobsberg. Just a second before this photo everything was covered in green light.

Jakobsbergs Centrum (map) 30 Dec 2008

walk of life

Youngsters growing up in Sweden these days don't know much about winter. The same goes for many residents of the suburb Kista where you can find people from all corners of the world. So here's an exercise. Put on your boots and let's take a walk in the snow!
Kista centrum (map) 25 November 2008


trainee in alvik

This young man in Alvik subway station is determined to catch the westbound train for Hässelby strand. Incidentally, behind him is an escalator going upwards but you're not supposed to be running there so he did the right thing.

Alvik (map) 23 November 2008

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