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sankt eriksbron

When was the last time you got your spouse a bridge? Here is St Eric Bridge again.
Sankt Eriksbron (map) 20 September 2008


Kiwi said...

Beauty! (not the spouse, the bridge)

stromsjo said...

This might not be the most favourable angle but I suppose you're right. Classic, heavy stuff. (Not the spouse, of course.)

svenske floyd said...

I like the shot very much. Could be a cubist painting. But I don't understand the spouse reference. Is her name Bridget or something?

stromsjo said...

The spouse reference was just my alluding to the season when we're supposed to be giving things to people who already have everything. So the hunt goes on for unusual gift ideas. Bridget? Wish I had thought of that! :)

Thanks, Svenske Floyd.

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