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The Gallerian shopping mall as seen across Government Street
Gallerian/Regeringsgatan (map) 7 October 2008


sickla extra cheese

At Lugnets Allé, a painted tribute to a local fast food establishment
Sickla kaj (map) 23 November 2008


can-do crew

Bob the Builder will be back tomorrow. Let's call it a day at Alströmer Street!
Alströmergatan (map) 30 September 2008


mind the windmill (3)

...previously on plenty

This oil windmill from 1784 is still standing at Waldemarsudde
Waldemarsudde (map) 1 November 2008


Nynäshamn (4)

For my forth of nine photographs of Nynäshamn, we are looking North-North-Easterly in the direction of Stockholm.

I'm not certain but I think the islands in view include Västra Slangholmen and Östra Slangholmen.


all saints' day (4)

...previously on plenty

One of many families in a chapel at the Woodland Cemetery
Skogskyrkogården (map) 1 November 2008


sankt eriksbron

When was the last time you got your spouse a bridge? Here is St Eric Bridge again.
Sankt Eriksbron (map) 20 September 2008


mind the windmill (2)

...previously on plenty

Don't mess with the windmill. It's being properly defended by cannon!
Waldemarsudde (map) 1 November 2008


all saints' day (3)

...previously on plenty

Gas torches were lit at 3PM to mark this All Saints' Day at the Woodland Cemetery
Skogskyrkogården (map) 1 November 2008


Nynäshamn (3)

For my third of nine photographs of Nynäshamn, I'm panning outwards to show you the gasworks and lighthouse together.

I like the way they have tried to hide the tanks behind the trees, although I suspect it is more a security measure than an aesthetic gesture.


solna centrum

Another peek at the fascinating subway station Solna centrum. Here's an example of "political art" from the seventies. Notice the capitalist airplane spraying the poor forest...
(T) Solna centrum (map) 20 September 2008


sickla by day

Remember this? The sunny side of Sickla Shopping Quarter.
Sickla köpkvarter (map) 28 September 2008


Nynäshamn (2)

This is the second of nine photographs of Nynäshamn.

Did you ever see a smaller lighthouse than this one?

I don't know what the yellow sign on the left says (there is one a similar distance away on the other side), but I suspect it is something like "No unauthorised access/landing".


mind the windmill

Hey, there is that mill again! We're back at Waldemarsudde and the archer is a sculpture by Carl Milles.
Waldemarsudde (map) 1 November 2008


a penny please

Back at the Hornsgatan hump (Hornsgatspuckeln). I think this is the strangest decoration: a small hand reaching out from the concrete. Someone has given the begging hand a coin.


all saints' day (2)

...previously on plenty

Lighting candles a few hours ago at the Woodland Cemetery
Skogskyrkogården (map) 1 November 2008

Stockholm by rodent

A small sculpture of a rat at the Hornsgatan hump (Hornsgatspuckeln). This section of the 2.3 kilometres long Stockholm street is decorated by some strange sculptures.

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