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danviksbro (2)

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Life is unfair. Do they really expect us to lift this huge span for that little boat? It's swing time again at Danvik Bridge.
Danviksbro (map) 28 September 2008



Much as we might wish to believe otherwise, our railroads have been neglected for decades. Here's a view from St Eric Bridge.
Sankt Eriksbron (map) 20 September 2008


Nynäshamn (1)

This is the first of nine photographs of Nynäshamn.

I thought I'd start with the least aesthetic picture, so things can only get better.



Time to read the writing on the wall. These letters are as high as one of the floors of this department store.
Klarabergsgatan (map) 28 September 2008



Maestro? An afternoon concerto for two buses, two containers and one museum!
Nationalmuseum (map) 25 September 2008


Off Hunting (for Sorrows)

Sculpture by Christian-Pontus Andersson, Odenplan subway station
Odenplan (map) 30 September 2008



Dusk under the Danvik Bridge
Danviksbro (map) 28 September 2008



A subway train arriving under Danderyd University Hospital
T-Danderyds sjukhus (map) 8 August 2008


this just in!

The life of a fire hydrant is far from boring. When nobody is looking one can always play with the adjacent glass wall. Voilà - a neat reflection!
T-Bergshamra (map) 8 August 2008


Farewell to the City

This is the road out of Stockholm. I'm looking out of the back of the coach heading South.

This is my last photograph of Stockholm. I only spent a few hours in the city but saw so much. Sharing my tour with those who know the city well has been a joy. Visiting parts I never reached through the photos of others and re-visiting at different seasons those I passed through has enriched my memories of the place.

I want to thank Per and his colleagues for inviting me here.

Even if I never return here in the flesh I shall continue to make virtual visits for a long time.

Although this is my last Stockholm photograph, I do have some extra ones of Nynäshamn tucked up my sleeve, which I shall share with you soon.


sollentuna kyrka

Another glimpse of Sollentuna Church at dusk. This is some serious architecture.
Sollentuna kyrka (map) 22 August 2008

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