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dawn at hötorget (2)

The cinema complex Filmstaden ("Movie City") enjoys a few quiet hours before another hectic Saturday
Hötorget (map) 26 July 2008


Frankie / Nick said...

Very nice and there is something wonderful about having dates stamped on your photographs. We use this feature a lot for reference and find it very handy to liven up the memory.

stromsjo said...

I guess it's fair to say that the opposite viewpoint has been voiced once in a while as well... ;)

A date is certainly an important piece of information. Superimposing it onto the photo is a bit unusual and not everyone likes this. Personally, I think it provides more "added value" for the viewer than copyright statements and the like. I might want to pick a more discreet colour and font size one of these days.

Thanks for stopping by, Frankie / Nick!

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