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dawn at hötorget (2)

The cinema complex Filmstaden ("Movie City") enjoys a few quiet hours before another hectic Saturday
Hötorget (map) 26 July 2008


dawn at hötorget

Playing with reflections in the water of the Orfeus fountain
Hötorget (map) 26 July 2008



It's been a while since that night in the Observatory Grove. I'd like to share one last shot with you.
Observatorielunden (map) 26 July 2008


Dog Days of Summer

A hot day on Fjällgatan and a dog rests easy beneath a bench whilst mistress chats with her friend, sheltering under the shadow of a coach.

painting the town

The colourscrapers of Hötorget are back in full force
Sergelgången/Mäster Samuelsgatan (map) 26 July 2008


eriksdalsbadet (4)

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The setting sun plays with the colours of the swimming complex Eriksdalsbadet
Eriksdalsbadet (map) 16 August 2008



We have seen some bits already here on Plenty, but this one deserves the title "Megabit" I think. It looks as if it will withstand most vessels tries to get loose.

Gåshaga (map) 10 July 2008


infra city

I've been testing your patience with lots of night shots this summer. Here's another view from Infra City, still in front of that hotel.
Infra city (map) 20 July 2008



In his comment about the small blue house Per Stromsjo remarked on how we appreciate the diversity in this kind of architectural mix from days gone by.

Here we see that mix, together with our coach driver who is very worried that the bus is over-heating.

The street is called Fjällgatan and overlooks the city and all the inner islands. I suspect the majority of tourists and possibly locals alike, while admiring the distant view, overlook the interesting architecture of the street itself.

enter the modern era

A subway train rushes into Bergshamra station as its image gets reflected in the photo collage "Voices from the past" by Göran Dahl
T-Bergshamra (map) 8 August 2008


on a roll in märsta (2)

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Yes, we have no more cinnamon rolls in Märsta so let's take a train outta here
Märsta station (map) 19 July 2008


Small blue house

In between the two houses of which I showed you the roofs is this smaller dwelling.


sigtuna (2)

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A sleepy Friday night by Systembolaget (the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly) in Sigtuna
Stora gatan, Sigtuna (map) 18 July 2008


From the heights of "Söder"

... and this is the view I talked about in my previous post. Quite nice, isn´t it?


Funny little house

This funny little house lays on Nytorgsgatan on Södermalm. Södermalm is often poetically referred to as "Söders höjder" - the Heights of "Söder" (South) - which reflects to its topography of sheer cliffs and rocky hills. And from this little house you have an remarkable view of Stockholm. I´ll show you in my next post...


waiting for a train

Something's missing at this Mörby centrum subway platform
T-Mörby centrum (map) 8 August 2008


On the roof

I would be surprised if Per and Peter don't know where these roofs are. I'm not asking where this is though.

What I'd like to know is what is the mast on the left-hand roof? Is it a television aerial, a radio antenna broadcasting messages, a mobile phone signal relay or something else?

Further, what is that contraption attached to the skylight of the house on the right? Could it be a digitial TV receiver, a security camera or what?

When you've satisfied my curiosity, I'll show you what lies between the two houses.


good night, sister (2)

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Another "sister municipality" of Sollentuna is Oppegård near Oslo. The distinctly non-charming building behind the trees in this photo is the political center of Sollentuna, home of the Municipal Council.
Sollentuna centrum (map) 25 August 2008

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