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Bicycles Parked at a Bus Stop

This bus stop is on the outskirts of the City Centre.

There seems to be a lot of parked bicycles here.

I wonder whether their owners have taken the bus into the city, or have they climbed those wooden steps and to where do those stairs lead anyway?

Don't look to me for an answer though as I have no idea.


Pia K said...

The stairs are called "Mamsell Josabeths trappor" (Miss Josabeth's stairs) and it leads up to the Norweigans church amongts other things. The stairs are opposite from the lovely chocolate factory (Chokladfabriken) that makes and serves THE best hot cocoa ever:)

Bernt Seipl said...

You're so right Pia. I know these stairs sooo well. I spent three years climbing them, because not only the Norwegian church lies on top, but so does Frans Schartau's upper secondary school of economics.

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