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It would be fascinating to know how these baggage trolleys at Arlanda Airport can reach Stockholm City in 20 minutes. They were parked for the evening so I never found out.
Arlanda, terminal 5 (map) 12 July 2008


Kris McCracken said...

Per, I’d love to know how you get your night shots so crisp, clear and colourful!?!

stromsjo said...

There's not much to it really. I got me a nice little mid-range Sony compact camera several years ago so by now I know pretty well which way to stroke it, what it can and what it can't do. I tend to prefer landscapes, cityscapes and stuff which doesn't move around a lot. These are easier targets as I get several chances to get the photo right. I spend lots of time (five hours for two decent shots in Sigtuna recently) taking a whole lot of photos and - needless to say - the ones you ever get to see are the rare few which turned out reasonably well. Most are deleted, quite a few on the spot without ever bothering to bring them home to a properly sized screen. That's it, I suppose.

Thanks Kris, appreciate your support.

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