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frequent flyer

photo: Fanny Ågren

Exploring the city skyline from Fjällgatan while enjoying a raspberry/coconut ice cream. Being a guest photographer on plenty is a tough job but someone's got to do it...
Fjällgatan (map) 24 August 2008


A view of the Old Town

This picture was taken an early summer morning, when I was on my way with a ferry to the archipelago. Stockholm is quite beautiful from the sea.


good night, sister

Hvidovre in Denmark is a sister city of Sollentuna (which incidentally isn't a city at all but an important municipality in Stockholm County). Here's a view towards the commuter train station.
Sollentuna centrum (map) 25 August 2008



Lotsgatan is a street on Åsöberget, a mountain and a park at Södermalm


on a roll in märsta

The convenience store at Märsta station offers coffee and a cinnamon roll for SEK 20 (just over 2 Euros)
Märsta station (map) 13 July 2008


On the Road

This is close to the bus stop I posted earlier.

I suppose to local viewers it will seem obvious that this was taken through the rear window of a coach travelling out of the city.

At first glance, though, it confuses me. In the UK traffic drives on the left. The road is fairly quiet but it doesn't take too long to focus on the car coming towards us and realize we are travelling in the same direction as it and not towards it.

On the other side of the road, that is the back of a bus, not the front. It is one of those bendi-buses as we call them. They are the length of two normal buses and can be seen across Europe. There may be some in the UK but I have never seen one. I hardly think they would cope very well with the corners in most of our city streets.


hammarbyslussen (2)

Here's the Hammarby Lock with all those bridges again
Hammarbyslussen (map) 16 August 2008


getting framed in nacka

A creative blend of architectural styles in Nacka strand. Can't say I admire the result but who cares when there's a water view around the bend?
Augustendalstorget, Nacka strand (map) 25 June 2008


wordle for plenty

For those who wonder what plenty is about, here's a wordle...
Thanks Gerald for the idea.


stadsbiblioteket (2)

...previously on plenty

Dining out and about on a warm night behind our Public Library
Stadsbiblioteket (map) 25 July 2008



My last picture on Hammarby Sjöstad (Hammarby Sea City). On this picture you see "Observatorium", a sculpture and bathing platform, with Södermalm in the background.


mid-month theme: subway day

Here's an appetizer for today's subway day on pixels and elsewhere. Thorild's Square by night, no less.

subway day is a mid-month theme shared by the following blogs:
Budapest - New York City - Paris - Stockholm

T-Thorildsplan (map) 25 July 2008


Bicycles Parked at a Bus Stop

This bus stop is on the outskirts of the City Centre.

There seems to be a lot of parked bicycles here.

I wonder whether their owners have taken the bus into the city, or have they climbed those wooden steps and to where do those stairs lead anyway?

Don't look to me for an answer though as I have no idea.

shoeless in Stockholm

Someone is at least one shoe short, or maybe this one is just on display. It has a very good chance to be found though. It was hard to miss.

Strömgatan (map) 6 June 2008


Even a small town like Sigtuna has a prominent High Street
Stora gatan, Sigtuna (map) 18 July 2008


Hammarby Sjöstad ferry

Here is another picture of Hammarby Sjöstad, with Sickla Udde in the background. The ferry is M/S Emelie, leaving Hammarby Sjöstad for Stockholm City.


shake it baby (2)

...previously on plenty

Here's a persistent couple, still dancing by Sveavägen. Sculpture by Ingvar Johnsson.
Observatorielunden (map) 26 July 2008

Soya head office

The head office of Rederi AB Soya (the Soya Shipping Company Ltd), off Maria Square. At our sister blog - Stockholm by pixels - is a photo of m/s Soya III, the first soya tanker ship built for this company (Soya I and II were bought from other shipping companies).

Mariatorget (map) 10 July 2008

at the bench

The Lidingö tramway doesn't exactly offer a comfy public transportation experience. Still, a few rays of the evening sun works miracles with those benches.
Gåshaga brygga (map) 10 July 2008


after the rain

Stockholm has seen quite a bit of water this month. Where I live, we have already during the first 10 days had more rain than most whole months will give (125mm right now, and counting). This pic was taken during the annual Stockholm cruising night. It was raining on that night too, but suddenly the sun decided to show up for a short while at 21 p.m, giving us a marvellous rainbow over the city. This view is from Sveavägen, facing the observatory.
Sveavägen (map) 10 Aug 2008


end of the line

...previously on plenty

It was fun while it lasted but here's the end of the line. The Lidingö tramway ends gracefully by the residential area Gåshaga brygga.
Gåshaga brygga (map) 10 July 2008


twin towers

photo: Stefan Ågren

As the sun sets, an elevated balcony view of the Högalid Church
Högalidskyrkan (map) 4 June 2008

yes sir, I centaur

Hey, there's that Centaur again! Sculpture by Sigrid Fridman.

Observatorielunden (map) 25 July 2008



These beautiful windows concludes the pics from the Northern Cemetery. They are inside the Northern Chapel.

Norra begravningsplatsen (map) 8 March 2008


shadows in nacka

An empty bench in the Augustendal Square, Nacka strand enjoys itself making shadows at night. An angel in a bit of a hurry was found right here as well.
Augustendalstorget, Nacka strand (map) 25 June 2008

Hammarby Sea City

Most of my pictures on this blog so far have described the old parts of Stockholm. Now it is time to share a few pictures of the new parts. Here is a picture of Hammarby Sjöstad.

Hammarby Sjöstad (roughly translated: Hammarby Sea City or Hammarby Lake City) is a part of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, currently undergoing major urban redevelopment, It is located southeast of Södermalm.
Before the current redevelopment began, the waterside area was known as Södra Hammarbyhamnen (roughly South Hammarby Port), a mainly industrial zone. The neighbouring Lugnet was a run-down light industrial area, housing an impromptu trailer park.
Read more
on Wikipedia

table with a view

photo: Stefan Ågren

If the food isn't enough reason to visit the Gondolen restaurant, just consider the view... More photos from Slussen right here.
Slussen (map) 23 May 2008


be prepared

After a warm and dry summer we did get ourselves enough moist for an entire extra water week. Prudent preventive measures abound and every good citizen will bring his or her own. Here's a serious umbrella caught in standby mode on the Lidingö tram.
Lidingöbanan (map) 10 July 2008


Riddarholmen Steeple

So where were the tourists with cameras really looking?

For me you can keep your City Hall; the most splendid sight in Stockholm has got to be this.

The Riddarholmen Church (Riddarholmskyrkan) originally belonged to a Franciscan friary but was much altered in later centuries. The cast-iron steeple built in 1841 is 90m/295ft high. The burial-place of the Swedish monarchs, since 1807 the church has been used only for burials and memorial services.

I don't know what it is, but maybe it just reminds me of home.

night club

Café Opera is a modern night club in an opera house dating back to the 19th century
Karl XII torg (map) 4 June 2008


Chech mate

A fivefold photo extravagance of the Chech double partners Safarova and Cetkovska who lost 7-5 6-4 to (also) Chech Benesova and Zahlavova Strycova in yesterday's Nordea Nordic Light Open doubles final."Hey! The ball is here!"

Using every limb of the body (or "Damn you, ball!").


"Hey! Careful out there!"


Here are two photos from the singles final: Danish Nordic Light.

Stadion (map) 3 August 2008


This street is called Pryssgränd which lays on Mariaberget (Maria mountain) at Södermalm. The area has a great culture value, similar to Gamla Stan (the old town) and Djurgårdsstaden.

arlanda (3)

...previously on plenty

It would be fascinating to know how these baggage trolleys at Arlanda Airport can reach Stockholm City in 20 minutes. They were parked for the evening so I never found out.
Arlanda, terminal 5 (map) 12 July 2008


Danish Nordic Light

Today Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark) beat Vera Dushevina (Russia) in a comfortable 6-0, 6-2 in the Nordea Nordic Light Open. In the top picture we see the both players being interviewed at the price ceremony, and below is the winner Caroline Wozniacki.

Yes, we were here last year too.

There will be photos from the doubles final later (an all Czech affair)

Stadion (map) 3 August 2008

life is short, TV is long

For reasons unclear to me, a semi-permanent TV studio was established in the King's Garden park (Kungsträdgården) earlier this summer. Also appearing in this photo are the Opera (in the background) and Jacob's Church to the right.
Strömgatan/Karl XII torg (map) 3 June 2008

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